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EVENT: 3/16 & 4/13 Men's & Women's beach volleyball events - Harbor Beach

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

03/06 @hotsandusa (SANTA CRUZ CA) simple YOU -vs- Everybody!

EVENT: First annual 3/16 Men’s & 4/13 Women’s “KINGS OF THE WEEKEND” tour at Harbor Beach! KOTW format with three round of pool play!

Players are initially seeded into 4 pools based on points. Each pool contains 4 players. Players will compete with and against each other within their pool. Each pool play round is 3 games to 21, one game with each player. After each round of pool play, the tournament field is filtered based on pool results. Pool result will be determined by total points and wins.

Limited to 16 players (AA or higher CBVA rating). Spots are still available. Each tourney will end with a new KING or QUEEN of the WEEKEND! Registration NOW OPEN!

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