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Media Disclaimer

At this time HOTSAND™USA DOES NOT GIVE AWAY OR SELL CONTENT in any form to any individual, sponsor or corporation for private use - CONTENT IS OUR PRODUCT. This policy may change in the future as a strategy is developed allowing all to benefit in the best ways possible. 


Our mission at HOTSAND™USA is to bring visibility to amateur beach volleyball athletes and our local beach volleyball community through increased social media presence. HOTSAND™USA mobile is created and maintained by a local beach volleyball athlete for beach volleyball athletes - a local Santa Cruz small business. HOTSAND™USA is not sponsored or funded by any large corporate entity. Revenue is generated by merchandise sales and in turn reinvested back into our business to sustain operation costs (website, app development, cameras, travel, additional merch, etc.). Find us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flipboard and the HOTSAND™USA mobile app. 


The HOTSAND™USA media that is generated, posted and published is trademarked and controlled under copyright laws. All content is available to the athletes, community and general public to view via the public postings on the internet (any athlete information published is already readily available on the internet). We do not charge to view our content on any platform.


HOTSAND™USA films on location and the media published for the enjoyment of our viewing audience (the public).  Any unauthorized use of our media, in any form, without written consent from HOTSAND™USA is expressly prohibited.

© 2024 Santa Cruz HOTSAND ™️ USA


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