HOTSAND - Tournament Directors Relief Fund

With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic the sport of beach volleyball, especially at the amateur level, along with most of the world’s sports are facing a challenging time. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued a recommendation that event organizers should cancel or postpone any events with 50 or more people. Many states found it necessary to shut down all non essential businesses, institute a shelter-in-place order, recommend social distancing as well as recommend mask wearing in public places where social distancing is not feasible. In order to abide by national laws and/ or local county mandates, in April tournament directors announced a beach season “timeout.” In May, many counties across California closed beaches, removed all beach volleyball nets and enforced policies with hefty fines. These measures forced beach volleyball tournament directors, in some cases, to shut down their entire 2020 beach season. 

While we don’t have the exact monetary figure, the loss of revenue in each beach community is devastating. Not to mention the impact to the athletes competing for bragging rights, prize money, and at some levels, Olympic qualification. The HOTSAND tournament directors relief fund is intended as a monetary boost for event organizers in advance of the 2021 beach volleyball season - to purchase PPE establishing a 2021 tournament day safety protocol.  Our plan will focus on local organizer assistance (near term) - once our target goal is achieved - more communities will have an opportunity to apply for support. Stay tuned for updates as funds become available.

We as a beach volleyball community will get through these challenging times together, emerging to stand stronger in 2021!

DONATE the cost of a single tournament entry fee to help the HOTSAND team reach our goal.  Supporting our beach volleyball community's safe return to tournament play in 2021 and beyond!

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