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09/28 PLAYER RESULTS: Men - #1 Ranking in HOTSAND & CBVA

09/28/2018 Player Results - Lev Priima #1 HSGP & CBVA
09/28/2018 @HOTSAND (SANTA CRUZ CA) #quiksnapdown with Lev Priima ranked #1 on the HOTSAND & CBVA leaderboards

Santa Cruz local Lev Priima is on top of the HOTSAND & CBVA leaderboards -

Congrats to Lev for a great 2018 season and being on top of both the Santa Cruz HOTSAND Grand Prix & CBVA leaderboards. Lev is currently ranked #1 on the HSGP with 84000 points. While he's ranked #1 in the CBVA with 25880 points (AAA rating). Lev is currently competing in the 1st P1440 beach volleyball tournament with his partner David Vander Meer at San Jose's AVAYA Stadium.

Lev Priima & David Vander Meer
Lev Priima & David Vander Meer enjoying another Santa Cruz Open victory!

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