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RESULTS: 3/16 KING of the Weekend Harbor Beach Santa Cruz California

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Congratulations goes out to Lev Priima the 1st "KING of the WEEKEND." Lev and Braxton took it to a sudden death final match of 1-on-1, first to 11 points, to determine the KING! Its was a great day on the beach with sunny, warm and epic beach volleyball.

Thanks to all the athletes for coming out and competing in the first Men's KING of the WEEKEND beach volleyball tournament at Harbor Beach! Shout out to all those supporting the event - Harbor Master (permitting), music mix by CJ One, photos Tosh Woods @toshhwwoods


1. Lev Priima

2. Braxton Dunstone

3. Lev Girshfeld

4. Brigg Busenhart

For the complete tournament bracket see:

Stay tuned for info on more events:

Spots are available for the 4/13 Women's QUEEN of the WEEKEND (registration is OPEN) at:

@hotsandusa Supporting our beach volleyball community!

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