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EVENT: 60th annual Memorial Day Santa Cruz Open

05/25 @hotsandusa (SANTA CRUZ CA) #quiksnapdown of thanks to Mark Hull for making possible many great years of competition, camaraderie, fun & opportunity on the beach with the volleyball community!


Cheers from the 2019 & 60th Santa Cruz Memorial Day Open beach volleyball tournament from Main Street beach (90 teams)☀️!


Women’s Open division:

1.)Kendall Peters/ Jillian Rodriguez 🥇🏆🇺🇸

2.) Megan Gebhard/ Sara Staengle 🥈🇺🇸

Men’s Open division:

1.) Jake Landel & Lev Priima 🥇🏆🇺🇸

2.) Ben Price/ David McBride 🥈🇺🇸


Thanks to all that came out in support of our beach volleyball community! Have a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸🏐



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