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9/14 - 9/15 Men's HOTSAND PRO

@Hotsand USA (SANTA CRUZ CA) come join us at the 1st annual Men's HOTSAND PRO - @AVPAmerica - Harbor Beach tomorrow Saturday 9/14 & Sunday 9/15. If you're a fan of SC beach volleyball you won't want to miss this one! The sun will be shining and the weather sweet. We'll be starting around 9:00 am and going until around 2:30 on Saturday. Then back again Sunday with an approximate start time of 1:00 pm with the Semi & the FINALS.

VIP wristbands are available for purchase includes:

HOTSAND PRO tourney shirt, stickers, coozie, Cafe el Palomar lunch & refreshments!


To purchase in advance go here:


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