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10-20-18 EVENT: Santa Cruz HOTSAND Grand Prix point series CHAMPIONSHIP

HOTSAND Grand Prix point series CHAMPIONSHIP

10/04 @HOTSANDUSA (SANTA CRUZ CA) EVENT UPDATE: In cooperation with Main Street Volleyball we are proud to bring the HOTSAND Grand Prix Beach Volleyball Points Series CHAMPIONSHIP, on 10/20/18. The top beach volleyball teams battle to win cash, prizes and to be crowned the “King” or “Queen” of the Santa Cruz beach. Check out leaderboard for current ratings & rankings of the top beach volleyball athletes in Santa Cruz ( Register for the 10/20 CBVA event in Santa Cruz to get your spot while available. Give us a SHOUT OUT if you need info or have questions. _________________________________________________________________________#2deepsports #hotsandusa #surfing #sandbychoice #surfbychoice #surf #beachvolleyball #volleyball #avpstrong #cbva

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