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10-20-18 EVENT: Santa Cruz Grand Prix points series CHAMPIONSHIP

Santa Cruz Grand Prix points series CHAMPIONSHIP

10/19 @HOTSANDUSA (SANTA CRUZ CA) EVENT UPDATE: In cooperation with Main Street Volleyball we are proud to bring the HOTSAND Grand Prix Beach Volleyball Points Series CHAMPIONSHIP, on 10/20/18. The top beach volleyball teams battle to win cash, prizes and to be crowned the “King” or “Queen” of the Santa Cruz beach. Who's names will be on the trophy for 2018? Check out leaderboard for current ratings & rankings of the top beach volleyball athletes in Santa Cruz ( Register for the 10/20 CBVA event in Santa Cruz and reserve your spot in the championship. There are a few spots left..preregister to help fill up our grand finale of 2018. Give us a SHOUT OUT if you need info or have questions. _________________________________________________________________________#2deepsports #hotsandusa #surfing #sandbychoice #surfbychoice #surf #beachvolleyball #volleyball#volleyball #avpstrong #cbva

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